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Two new Four Tet tracks. And to collalolabs:




John Beltran – Faux (Four Tet Remix)


If you’ve been at this space place before chances is that you’ve seen me write happily anad ecstatic about Four Tet. These days i become so nervous everytime he releasease new stuff. For real, really nervous. It has to hit the wall soon. Any day a really bad release will come from the Text camp. But it just does not happen! As i clicked Faux my heart skipped a bit when i realized it was pure perfect one’s again. Thank you Kieran!

I’ll probably have full on heart attack next time a new track is presented.

Kind of Best of 2013


Time to round up 2013.
we thought we would do a really thorough best of list, where we really where to pick out a few favorites from this year and present a compact list of the best tracks in our opinion.

But it’s music we’re talking about, and there are so many circumstances and reasons to each track we like, and what makes that track fantastic in a specific moment and in another context the track might just seem to wander off.
So, instead of a hardcore best of list, here are 50 tracks we liked, 10 albums that was great and 10 labels that released a couple of records we enjoyed, in no particular order.

Thank you all for making 2013 a great music year.

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Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind



Four Tet / Kieran Hebden has been keeping a pretty low profile on his new album that’s about to be released mid october.
But anyhow, here it is Four Tet’s 7th (kind of..) full album, earlier this year Kiearn released the ‘two track’ album 0181 on his own Text Records, which was and leftfield jazz space journey.

The only real preview we’ve had until now was the 12″ Kool FM released in august, but now we can listen to Kierans latest masterpiece Beautiful Rewind on Soundcloud.

For us Swedes it was one of two fun Four Tet news this week since it was announced his headlining RBMA Weekender in Stockholm this fall!

Listening to this we remember all the love for Four Tet.