My Love Is Underground II


Resident Advisor has hooked up the full steam for the second MLIU comp from Jeremy Underground.
Well if you weren’t busy before, you got something to do now.



“There’s just this urge to offer something that is bigger than one Discogs entry can narrow down.”


Dro Carey or Tuff Sherm or Eugene Hector as the Sydney producer really is called has gotten lots of attention for booth of his aliases mentioned above. With releases on The Trilogy Tapes, Ramp Recordings, Merok Records, Templar Sound to name a few. 2013 he’s released one 12″, the great Burglar Loops, 10″ Solvent Dream and the album Shrapnel Maestro as Tuff Sherm.
A couple of weeks ago Dro Carey visited Stockholm at one of Samlingens clubnights at Under Bron, we had a plan to ask him a couple of quick questions but time and wifi was not on our side, too our advantage Eugene was nice enough to let us do a longer interview with him when he was back home in Australia:

It’s no secret that Tuff Sherm is more of a techno/house project whilst Dro Carey is hiphop beat oriented, but what would you say is the biggest difference between the two aliases?
There isn’t a deep rationale to the distinction.
They just allow me to pursue some different threads of the music I enjoy. I think the fact that I’ve been receiving requests for shows with one as opposed to the other is sort of evidence that there is quite a distinction in terms of what people expect they might get.
I think the creation of a set of ‘characters’ appeals to me as well, which means its just as much an aesthetic kind of choice as it is a logical musical difference.
I hope that’s not too indulgent, but its kind of like the appeal of a standard set of 52 playing cards versus getting Pokemon cards as a child. Like who knows how many there are. You never have a sense of the whole picture and I think its thrilling.
And it may not always be justifiable on a technical level, like, ‘this track sounds like it could be this project’ etc, but there’s just this urge to offer something that is bigger than one Discogs entry can narrow down.

Do you have a thought-out plan for Tuff Sherm and Dro Carey, their productions and releases? Or is simply two different outputs for your inspiration?
Not really, a lot of it is to do with the relationships I have with the guys doing the labels (TTT, Reckno, Opal, Templar etc).
It’s more just – what do you think of this? And then working on something that we’re both enjoying the sound of. I think that’s the only guiding thing with them really.

You have just finished you’re first european tour. How was it?
It was great. It wasn’t a tour in the sense of their being off the back of a release or with a specific promotional bend to it, more just a series of shows – some of them headline, some of them supports and one festival set at the Warehouse Project.
It was a great experience for me. It was the first time I’ve traveled alone, as well as the first time doing shows over consecutive nights. All of the promoters looked after me really well and I was so happy with the whole thing.

How is a typical “studio session” for you?
I produce in my bedroom and rarely work in a legit studio, although I’m planning to make that more frequent soon.
Like any bedroom based producer there’s a lot of chipping away in various directions and I guess the whole thing is more spontaneous than when you’re on the clock. Generally I try to finish 1-3 entire song ideas per ‘session’ or day.
If you were to create a brand new aliases that were creating music in a totally different genre or style, what would you be curious to try out?
It’s hard to second guess that. I won’t really know until I start to explore it spontaneously, independent of an alias or release idea.
Generally speaking, in the future I want to try and work with more acoustic elements, with a jazz or classical influence, and try to enhance the worlds that the existing projects inhabit.

I read that you also write comic scripts and has been published. Tell us more about that!
Yeah. Top Cow, who publish series like Witchblade and The Darkness, conducted an open submission talent hunt and I sent them a script.
I’ve been writing since high school and I’m a big fan of comics so I thought it was a good opportunity to put myself out there a bit. My story was chosen and will be published in January 2014 in their Artifacts series, and will be available at all comic stores.
I’m working on some pitches for original series as well.

While writing these questions i  read a couple of interviews you’ve done, most of them were with “Dro” rather than “Tuff” how come?
I guess that’s to do with it being the original or primary alias. I think there may be a couple conducted as Tuff Sherm, and certainly plenty of mixes and podcasts. I guess its just to do with Tuff Sherm being the secondary thing.

Is there any specific tracks that inspire you at the moment?
I’m enjoying stuff by Napolian, Arca and Lee Bannon.

Fun things coming up you can tell us about?
I’m playing with Funkineven here in Sydney on the 29th of November for the RA VS series of shows. I’m looking forward to that as it will be my longest DJ set to date.