Abdulla Rashim –


Well i forgot to post this. You probably haven’t missed it but here it is anyway. From Rashims album A Shell of Speed that was released on Northern Electronics a month ago.


Dorisburg – Splade


Well this year started out great huh? (yes yes it was released in december, but anyways)
Dorisburg is keeping up a steady flow of releases. 2014 we saw great one’s on Boss musik, Aniara and now on a third Swedish label favorite Northern Electronics. It’s a bit darker but still has that Dorisburg sound that we love. And the more moody darkness really fits these tracks. They are all big one’s that we really love. Thank for these Dorisburg, keep on keeping on!
Check all three tracks out, they’re all you need this friday!

Kind of Best of 2013


Time to round up 2013.
we thought we would do a really thorough best of list, where we really where to pick out a few favorites from this year and present a compact list of the best tracks in our opinion.

But it’s music we’re talking about, and there are so many circumstances and reasons to each track we like, and what makes that track fantastic in a specific moment and in another context the track might just seem to wander off.
So, instead of a hardcore best of list, here are 50 tracks we liked, 10 albums that was great and 10 labels that released a couple of records we enjoyed, in no particular order.

Thank you all for making 2013 a great music year.

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