The Telefonplan Social Disco Club Sound



Hey! Maybe you need a mix to get some nice vibe for yr sunday evening.
Here’s a bias tip!
Christoffer of SJB and Tender T from the epic duo Mount Liberation Unlimited has a dj-duo thing called Telefonplan Social Disco Club (TSDC). It’s about playing records with that special feeling, vibe and groove that we love and it takes us between disco, soul, house and whateverest when we’re playing together. Here’s a mix from a nice evening at a bar in Stockholm



WTFF – Marie Laveau 21/11 – Y+M / Motormännen (live) / SJB



This friday SJB Christoffer is guest-dj at our favorite dj-duo Y+M‘s club WTFF at Marie Lavevau.
As it wasn’t enough with a Y+M set they have invited the great techno act Motormännen to play live.
Motormännen make informational techno by sampling old Swedish politicians and (for once) making them sway.
Come on by, it’s free until 23!

Set times:
Christoffer 21-23
Motormännen Live at 23
Y+M 00-03

Marie Laveau
Hornsgatan 66
Free 21-23
120:- 23-03