We’re hosting a live radioshow on Radio Skanstull every wednesday.
Skanstull is also a bar and restaurant that serves breakfast/lunch/dinner that you can visit and listen to the radioshows live!
The talk is in swedish but the music is in music so either way, enjoy!

Radio SJB with: Midland, Elie Verveine, Henrik Bergqvist

Special: Daytime Session Premiere with Abudlla Rashim, Axel Hallqvist, Jin Mustafa

Theme: Spain

#8 Theme: Acid
Unfortunately the show wasn’t recorded. Here’s the tracks

#7 Theme: April

#6 Theme: England

#5 Guests: Y+M 

#4 Guest: Anthony Naples

#3 Theme: New York

#2 Guest: Art Alfie (Karlovak)

#1 Theme: “Morgonhouse” (Morninghouse)


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