Jonas Friedlich – Thuesdub


Mistress Recordings is releasing three various artist vinyls, a total of 12 tracks.
One of them is Jonas Friedlich.
Have a listen!


What: Jonas Friedlich on Mistress 05 3×12″ (divided to The Blonde, 5.2 – The Brunette, 5.3 – The Redhead)
Where: Mistress Recordings
When: 24 February

Adam Strömstedt – Reflektioner 17.19


Nice track by Adam Strömstedt!
Last release from Adam was the great Swirly Tempel ep which has had a solid place in our record bag since it’s release on Junk Yard Connections in 2013. Now he’s back with a split on the Bristol label Banoffee Pies. It’s the labels second release, three tracks by Mr. Strömstedt and two by fellow swede Alan Delius.
Check it out!


Dorisburg – Splade


Well this year started out great huh? (yes yes it was released in december, but anyways)
Dorisburg is keeping up a steady flow of releases. 2014 we saw great one’s on Boss musik, Aniara and now on a third Swedish label favorite Northern Electronics. It’s a bit darker but still has that Dorisburg sound that we love. And the more moody darkness really fits these tracks. They are all big one’s that we really love. Thank for these Dorisburg, keep on keeping on!
Check all three tracks out, they’re all you need this friday!

Arkajo – Altavista


Isn’t this a nice hooliday treat!
New release by Aniara and it’s by Arkajo.
Maybe you’re not familiar with Arkajo? No worries it’s the debut for the moniker but behind it is the skilled and experienced Nils Krogh who is 50% of the great Genius of Time.
So it’s time for Krogh to try out some of his own frequencies and it sound really nice and Aniaraish.
Tip tip!+!


Mount Liberation Unlimited – Astro Travelling Through Life


Ya’ll remember the great Mount Liberation Unlimited release on Junk Yard Connections right?!
Ya’ll remember the great video for Clinton Space Funk that we threw a party for at Barbro?
Yeah i thought so, here’s another nice video for a track from the same vinyl.
This time it’s Astro Travelling Through Life who gets the royal treatment by Johannes Palmroos hands.
Kexe it out!



Yourhighness – Death Before Surrender


Nice track!
You remember when we had Yourhighness on our show at Radio Skanstull right? Here’s a new track by him on the fave label Born Free.
Three tracker, as BF themselves put it: “Demented house/techno on a-side, EBM-style techno banger on b-side.”
And to make the party even more dazzling there’s a remix by Florian Kupfer!
Support it buddies